Thursday, 26 June 2008

Another Challenge: July Book Blowout

Yes I've joined another challenge but this one will actually help me to complete the challenges that I'm participating in. Mrs S is hosting the July Book Blowout.
The rules:

You can sign up any time between today and July 14 - just because I’m a bit slow to announce this!
To join you need to post about the Book Blowout on your blog - and set yourself a target number of books you will try to read - go on challenge yourself!
Use the Mr Linky below to link to that post so we can all see how many books you’re taking on in the Blowout
Post a list of the books you managed to read by the deadline of August 7 to complete the challenge
What rules do I need to know?
Only books read between July 1 and July 31 count towards the challenge
You can include re-reads - as long as they are read within the month of July
Books you abandon will only count as half a book
If you read to your children you can include all books which have more than 100 pages
You can include up to two graphic novels
You can include up to two audio books - (if you have a visual impairment that prevents you from reading then you can use just audio books for the challenge)
Books you read for other challenges are eligible - use this as an opportunity to catch up!
I’ll try and keep things lively by posting some Book Blowout mini-challenges along the way so be sure to stop by throughout the month and see what’s happening (or better still subscribe to my site feed - it’s free and easy!)
As an added incentive I’ll put the names of all of the entrants who complete the challenge into the proverbial hat and one winner will receive an Amazon gift voucher to the value of $20 (£10).
So what are you waiting for? Blog your target and sign up with Mr Linky - and start planning what books you’ll read.

My Prospective List:
Junky, Burroughs for 1001 Project
Stardust, Gaiman (Bookring)
Stuart A Life Backwards (Bookring)
The Awakening for Southern Challenge and Classics Challenge
The Sound and the Fury for Southern Challenge
try to finish Gone With The Wind for Southern and Classics Challenge
Jamacia Inn for What's in a Name Challenge
Blonde, Oates for 1001 Project
After Dark, Murakami for Notable Books Challenge and Around the World Project
Middle Age for Oates Project
Presopolis 1 and 2, for Graphic Novel Challenge
If I have extra time:
The Water Babies for the Classics Challenge
I'll Take You There, Oates for Oates project
Journey to the River Sea
My What I actually have read list:
I finished The Red Queen by Margaret Drabble 1/2
1. Junky - William Burroughs
2. Stardust - Neil Gaiman
3. Twilight - Stephanie Meyer
4. Siddartha, Hesse
5. Persepolis
8. Persepolis, Satrapi
13. Gatty, Crossley-Holland
14. Tomaree, Robson

It's a lot of books but I only have to teach till the 18th then I get 6 weeks off!

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KimberlyKaye said...

I LOVE Persepolis! It is a quick read. Good luck!