Monday, 9 June 2008

Weekly Geeks: A Reading Journal in Pictures - Tuesday


For this weeks Weekly Geeks I'm logging all the places reading takes me in a week. Yesterday it was the slums in Bombay, today its off to sunny Georgia.

I'm reading Gone with the Wind one chapter at a time (I never realised it was so huge till I picked it up from the library).

I'm still really near the beginning at the mo but I'm enjoying what I have read. This is a book for two of the challenges I'm participating in The Southern Reading Challenge and the Classics Challenge
Other Weekly Geeks pics:
Go here for some shelf envy
And here for a cool way to frame a pic


____Maggie said...

GwtW really sucks a reader in and it sounds like it is working its magic on you. Enjoy!

jlshall said...

I loved GWTW when I read it at age fifteen - all those magnolias and crinolines really got to me. Not sure how I'd feel about it now but I still love the movie. And, yes, it's a long, long, long book.