Sunday, 15 June 2008

The Sunday Salon: Another Poor Reading Week...

Yet another week when my reading has slowed down considerably, I finally finished Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende and I read my first Graphic Novel and that was it! A very poor show. It managed to be a majorly busy week at school, I had to write a report for each child in my form group plus insert grades and feedback on every child I teach, thats a good 120 kids, all in the space of a week, plus teach the kids. I also was out 3 evenings in a row so I was rushing in and then out again.
I did however manage to complete this weeks Weekly Geeks in which we had to post pictures of our fav places to read etc, I took a slightly different slant on it too most people and posted pics of the different types of places I had visited in my reading that week, everything from the slums of Bombay, a Caribbean Island, California in the Gold rush and Georgia.

Well I'm off to try and catch up on some of that missed reading, I have an afternoon with a couple of Chapters of Gone With The Wind and I reckon I'll finish A Swift Pure Cry by Siobhan Dowd which has been excellent so far


Terri said...

Good grief, that's a busy week! I wouldn't feel bad about what you read!

I used your meme from last week for my Salon post today - I changed it up a bit and expanded on it. It was really fun to give thought to those questions! Thanks again.

gautami tripathy said...

I bought a graphic novel oday. Check it out on my blog!

SS 1: Books read/received
SS 2: Book Shopping

Literary Feline said...

It's no wonder you weren't able to fit much reading in this week. you've been so busy! I hope things slow down for you for a little while, at least.

Have a great week.

John's comments said...

Now, why didn't I think of that!
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