Sunday, 1 June 2008

Sunday Salon - a week in reading and plans for June

This week it was half term, a week reading out in the garden, lots of trips out etc was all planned. Unfortunatley British Weather decided to play it's ususal part and it rained nearly everyday, my friend who I was planning on going out with a lot got ill and the car last night decided to break down so not a great week.
The reading however did go well, I completed The Novella Challenge and I read some great books: A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson and The Orchard on Fire by Shena Mackay and two ok books: Sour Sweet by Timothy Mo and Moon Tiger by Penelope Lively. I also decided that I would try and rediscover poetry as I have abandoned it since I finished studying, I blogged my first Poem of the Week, which I'm hoping will keep me on track reading poems and maybe introduce new poems to people who come across my blog.

My June reading list (all going well):

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Eva said...

Congrats on completing a challenge!