Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Neil Gaiman: Various Short Stories

I saw a link to the Neil Gaiman Journal on Eva's page and during the last few days I've been reading his short stories which are avaliable to read on the site. I just thought I'd pop up a few quick thoughts about them on here.
How To Talk To Girls at Parties
A trifle of a story depicting two teenage boys descending upon a house thinking their luck is in. Unfortunately for them these aren't quite the type of girls they were looking for...
A lovely story about a young Princess with pearls for eyes, who refuses to talk. The girl's aunt offers rewards for the person who can make her talk, all fail until a tiger arrives.
I loved the fairytale-esque style of this sory.
A Sudy in Emerald
I followed the links on his site to download this free of charge for Harper Collins and listened to it doing some housework then curled up in bed.
I thought this was an okay story, very Sherlock Holmes in style (which isn't my taste at all). It was made better by listening to Gaiman reading it. Hearing the intonation and the different character voices took me back to childhood, being read a bedtime story or listening to a teacher reading a story (well) to the class.
I Cthulhu
A strange little story, with a sci-fi feel, in which a "tentacle-faced thing" is reported to a human his journey to earth.
The Case of Four and Twenty Blackbirds
A parody of a murder mystery in which the murder victim is Humpty Dumpty and the murederer is...................................? This tale is full of different nurserytale characters.


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bethany said...

I will have to check out these short stories for sure. I love a good short story!!!

have a happy Thursday!