Monday, 23 June 2008

Weekly Geeks: Challenge Update

I've finished 3 challenges this year but still have loads to go.
Most recently I signed up for the Short Story Challenge where I'm aiming to read 5 short story collections by different authors, I have started this one by reading a short story by Joyce Carol Oates each evening.
Like the Short Story challenge the Graphic Noevl challenge is an attempt to try somethin g new, I have to read 3 graphic novels by the end of the year, I've read one, see here, and have the other two ready to be read.
The Southern Reading Challenge is also underway, I'm currently reading Gone With the Wind, a huge book!
The Complete Booker Challenge and the Booker Challenge 2008 are run at the same site, the first is an ongoing challenge to read all the Booker Prize winners, the second is a sub challenge to help, for this you need to read 6 Booker winners or nominees by the end of the year. I've read three, and have 3 to go.
The Notable Books Challenge takes a list of book awards for the year and then you pick 8 of those books to read, this keeps me up-to-date with new fiction. 2 down 6 to go.
What's in a Name is a clever little challenge in which there are 6 categories linked to the title and you have to pick a book to fit each. 1 finished for this, 1 on the go and 4 to start.

Upcoming Challenges
In July I start both the Classics Challenge, 5 classics and one book that deserves to become a classic in the future, and I also start the 2nd Canadian Book Challenge 13 books set in Canada or by Canadian authors - I've picked my titles but will need to look at whats avaliable in England as I'm discovering many of the less well known authors are harder to get hold of.
Starting in August and lasting 10 months is the Book Awards Challenge 2, for this I have to read 10 award winning books from 5 different awards. If anyone is interested in joining see here

As you can see I have a lot of books to get through, and this doesn't even take into consideration the long term projects, Bookrings and yahoo groups I'm reading for!


____Maggie said...

Do you hear the sound track while you read GwtW? Enjoy!

John Mutford said...

Will you combine books you read for one challenge with another?

katrina said...

Yeah I do combine books otherwise I would never complete a callenge.
Maggie, I've never seen GWtW so I have no idea of the soundtrack