Sunday, 25 May 2008

The 2nd Canadian Book Challenge

Just after I pledged not to join another challenge this year I end up signing up for one. As this is a year long I feel that quite a bit of the reading for it will be done in the new year.

The 2nd Canadian BookChallenge runs from July 1st 2008 for a whole year. The challenge requires participants to read 13 books by Canadian authors or books about Canadians. There are a whole bunch of different ways that the 13 can be choosen, I am participating using the 'free spirit', in which I can pick 13 random Canadian books, as I know very little about Canada and I'm hoping this will give me some idea of the place.

I'm not picking a definitive 13 as I always change my mind when I read others reviews, but here are some I may include:

Anne of Green Gables, Montgomery
Saul Bellow- Humboldt’s Gift
Anne Michaels- Fugitive Pieces
Michael Ondaatje- In The Skin Of A Lion
Coupland, Girlfriend in a Coma
Jack London- Call of the Wild
Jen Sookfong Lee - The End of the East
Margaret Atwood - Alias Grace/ The Tent
Rohinton Mistry, Such a Long Journey
Ondaatje - Anils Ghost
Urquhart - The Stone Carvers
Carol Sheilds - Larry's Party
Baldwin - The Tiger Claw
Lisa Moore - Alligator
Alice Monro - Runaway
Mary Lawson - The Crow Lake
Holly Kennedy - The Tin Box
The ones highlighted I'm going to aim to read by the end of the year.

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John Mutford said...

Great list. There are a few there I want to read as well: Humboldt's Gift, Larry's Party, Girlfriend in a Coma, and The Stone Carvers. There are also a few I've already read: Anne of Green Gables, Call of the Wild, Alligator, Crow Lake and In The Skin of a Lion (I enjoyed all but the last one). I don't think Proulx's Postcards would count though as she's American and the book is set in Vermont. Some people used her Shipping News in the first Canadian Book Challenge, but it is set in Newfoundland. Looking forward to your thoughts on these!