Friday, 30 May 2008

The Orbis Terrarum Challenge meme:

1.) What country do you always go back to in your travels (not just while reading for OT)?
I seem to end up in Asia a lot, predominantly ancient China, enjoying all the dynasty's and the life of the women in them - although looking at my reading list this year I seem to be lacking in that area.
2.) If you could visit 4 of the countries you have read about in your life (that you haven't been to yet), which would they be and why? (you can include the book that makes you want to visit if you remember)
Wow I haven't really travelled much in real life so picking just four will be hard.
Tailand (The Beach), I want to go and see it but I'm also put off by the idea that it might be overly touristy.
China (from many different novels including Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and The Binding Chair - two of my favs), I'd love to experience the culture - and next year I may just be going on a paid for trip there with school (fingers crossed!)
India, for the different cultures and ways of living.
Africa (I read a book called Comfort Herself when I was about 13 at school and since then I've always wanted to go), again this is somewhere there is a chance I may go with school - to visit one poor school and community in Malawi then a much richer school and area in South Africa.
3.) Have you ever dreamed about a country you have read about, that you have never actually traveled to- except in your dreams?
Not that I recall, I can't remember all that many dreams unless they are just bizarre.
4.) In what ways has reading about different countries opened up your perspective about global issues?
Like Raidergirl I would say that the plight and treatment of women in other countries has always really struck me - in particular women in Iraq, China and India - it makes me realise how lucky women are in this country. Just travelling to other countries like Tunisia and Vietnam also sinks this message in, you always imagine that its a thing of the past seeing it in real life and biographies highlights how much needs to change.
5.) What countries have you felt your judgment was off about-after reading about that nation?
I was shocked when I read about Afghanistan how much I had assumed about the country from what is portrayed in the news, the country sounds like it was a beautiful place where lots of advancement and changes had come about only to be lost again when the Taliban can in charge. I also found this when I was reading about Iran and Iraq - it must be devestating to have lived with such freedom and rights then to suddenly have then all stripped away in such a short period of time.
6.) Which is your favourite book that you would recommend for this challenge (you don't have to have read it during the challenge)?
Roots - The gorgous views of Africa then the sharp realisation of all that was lost.
Under the Persimmon Tree - An American and refugees life in Afghanistan under the Taliban
7.) I am thinking about hosting again, for a full year next time starting in January, do you have any constructive criticism, is one book a month about right...more? less? Give me some thoughts.
I think one book a month is fine, this challenge is fairly easy as there are lots of books about different countries. It would be nice to see people's choices for some of those countries which are less popular for people to write about. I'd definately sign up as I am trying a personal challenge to read one book from each country around the world.
8.) Anything else that you have been wanting to tell us all about? let us have it!
I like the way Mr Linky works and I think it is a great way to see at a glance what people have read, but I also really like those challenges where people post their full reviews as I tend to read full reviews of books I haven't read/ considered rather than clicking on a link.


bethany said...

awesome! It is incredibly fun for me to read these, I like reading what you all have to say. Thanks for doing that, and for the input too...I am so happy to have that.

have a great weekend!!!

raidergirl3 said...

Good point about Afghanistan and Iran and how much their countries have changed. I was thinking about that as well.

Great answers. It was so hard to pick just 4 countries, that's why I cheated and picked 5. I haven't read a lot of Asia yet. I'm reading a number of African books right now which is such a different culture.