Thursday, 29 May 2008

Booking Through Thursday: What is reading, fundamentally?

What is reading, anyway? Novels, comics, graphic novels, manga, e-books,
audiobooks — which of these is reading these days? Are they all reading? Only
some of them? What are your personal qualifications for something to be
“reading” — why? If something isn’t reading, why not? Does it matter? Does it
impact your desire to sample a source if you find out a premise you liked the
sound of is in a format you don’t consider to be reading? Share your personal
definition of reading, and how you came to have that stance.

I used to be a real reading snob, reading had to be proper books (non of the chick lit stuff) or broadsheet newspapers. Then I started teaching which got me into kids books and also made me think about what reading really is. Personally I now say to parents who are struggling to get their kids to read that it doesn't matter what it is so long as they are reading: it could be comics, non-fiction, celebrity biography's, magazines or web-pages. Not everyone enjoys novels and the world can't all be the same. I think that it is the pressure and force to read books that actually puts a lot of people off as kids, for some people reading a huge passage is torture but a graphic novel could be entertaining.

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