Sunday, 22 June 2008

The Sunday Salon and a short story review.

Another busy week this week so again not a lot of reading completed, I can't wait for the 6 weeks summer holidays so I can catch up on the reading for all the challenges I am participating in, and just wallow in the garden (if the British weather sorts itself out!), with a good book and hours and hours of free time.
I have managed to finish two great books, both recommended: A Pure Swift Cry and The Space Between Us, which I have yet to review. This afternoon I will be going out to lunch, doing some more marking and lesson preparation, catching up on Big Brother and watching The History Boys, I may squeeze in a chapter of Gone With The Wind or start Elizabeth Costello if I'm lucky.

I did this morning read a short story over breakfast, so I'm going to include a mini review here.
'Concerning the Case of Bobby T' - Joyce Carol Oates.
An excellent short story. The basic story is that Bobby T got locked up for knocking a young girl around. But Oates doesn't like telling stories in a basic way. This story is told in fragments, fragments of time and fragments of the victims and perpetrators lives. We see into the days and years after this act of violence showing how a single act of violence can control and affect the lives of those involved for years to come.
Oates employs an omnipotent narrator, giving the story a report like tone, you feel like you are simply watching the scene. No feelings, elaborations or judgemnets are made the reader is made to feel like the judge and jury, who is to blame is for you to decide.


Anonymous said...

Have you read O'Dowd's other books? There are two more out, 'The London Eye Mystery' and 'The Bog Child' and I believe she left a further manuscript that will be published next year. What a terrible shame there will be no more.

katrina said...

I didn't know there was any other books, I'll definately keep an eye out for them, thanks for the tip x