Friday, 11 July 2008

My Thoughts: Stardust by Neil Gaiman

I've been meaning to read a Neil Gaiman novel for a while as everyone seems to rave about him and I finally got around to it! I had seen the film earlier this year, and while I loved the film I seem to have forgotten the majority of it so this story was still fairy fresh to me.

The novel, for anyone who doesn't know, is set in the village of Wall, a small English village in which the locals guard the wall which leads to the land of Faerie. Despite no one being allowed to cross into Faerie a market exists every 9 years which allows the inhabitants of Wall to mix with the people of Faerie. Early in this book the market results in a child being born, he is brought to live in Wall and grow up as a normal citizen.

When this child is 18 he falls in love with the popular Victoria Forrester. So in love with her is he that he promises her anything she wants in the world, she requests the star she has just seen fall from the sky. The star lays in Faerie, so off he goes on his journey. Along the way he meets a variety of characters and situations.

This is a feel good book, something nice to drift off into at the end of a busy day at work. I will certainly be looking out for more of Gaiman's work. I have seen a stunning graphic novel copy of Stardust in the bookshop and may have to ask for it for Christmas.


Others Thoughts:
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unfinishedperson said...

Here is my review, with links to others you might not have yet linked at the bottom of the review.

Girl Detective said...

Came from semicolon. I haven't read the novel, but the graphic novel is indeed stunning, and I highly recommend it. Charles Vess' art brings a dimension to the fanciful story that really suits it. (and the GN came first, the prose novel later)

Also, the movie was pretty good.

Framed said...

This was my first Gaiman book and I loved it. So much that I went out and bought the Charles Vess version. The movie is great also. I've also enjoyed Neverwhere by Gaiman and Good Omens which he co-wrote.

Darren said...

Here is my review. I'd read Neverwhere next, if I was you, one of my favourite books. Ever.

Josette said...

This was my first Gaiman book too and I quite enjoyed it. It's definitely great story-telling. Have you watched the movie? I loved it! Much more than the book actually. But can't really compare both of them. They can't be totally the same.

Anyway, here's my Stardust review. :)