Monday, 7 July 2008

No Reading :'(

I had a whole weekend of no reading, not even a page. Boy does it feel strange. I spent my Saturday helping out at our school community fete. I assure you that when I battled a child (a big 16 year old lad) at Jousting I won easily ;-) I didn't really make a fool of myself by not even being able to stand up straight! I then spent that evening working in a bar, feeling the effects of the sunburn I had aquired during the day (Typical British weather, I left the house with heavy rain and wind crashing down around me, I end up baked!).

I then spent all day yesterday either in traffic jams and in training for my summer job, working with little kids at summer camp.

I went back to school shattered today, it's a good job a lot of the kids I teach are either on study leave or work experience at the moment.

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Eva said...

Awww: I hope you get some quality reading time in soon. :)