Wednesday, 23 July 2008

My Thoughts: The Unabridged Pocket Book of Lightning by Jonathan Safran Foer

With such a gorgeous title I expected to be struck by a marvelous story.. sadly that was not quite the case. The book is one of the Penguin pocketbooks that they released to celebrate their 70th birthday, it had only 52 pages, the vast majority of these are the opening chapter of his novel, Extremely Loud and Incredibly close, a novel I've had sitting upstairs for a long time, I haven't been moved to push the book closer to the top. I have read his other novel Everything's Illuminated, and struggled to read it but enjoyed it so I was never expecting an easy read.

The other story in this book is 11 pages long, A Primer for the Punctuation of Heart Disease. This random story is simply the punctuation marks he has invented or manipulated to represent the lack of communication in a family.


July Book Blowout: Book 9

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