Sunday, 20 July 2008

Sunday Salon and Weekly Geeks

Last week I sais that it was unlikely that I would be reading many books this week as a result of a last stressful week at work, a night a the theatre and a wedding (which I didn't go to as I was full of a cold). I actually finished 4 books! That sounds impressive but two of them were graphic novels: Persepolis and Mirrormask, and the other two were both under 150 pages: Breakfast at Tiffany's and Siddartha. I've also read half of Staurt: A Life Backwards which I should finish tonight or tomorrow. This week I shall have plenty of time to read as I'm now officially on holiday from work for 6 weeks! Yay! Which takes me on to this weeks Weekly Geeks.

Weekly Geeks, see here to participate, is asking other bloggers to ask us questions about books that we have to blog. Now I'm up-to-date with my blogging so I'm going to leave a list of the books I hope to read this week. If you have a question about any of these books please leave it in the comments here and I'll try and answer it in my review of the book.

The list:
The Unabridged Pocketbook of Lightning
The Awakening
Cold Mountain
and possibly start The Famished Road


Iliana said...

I was joking with someone that in order for me to reach 100 books read this year I may just have to pad my list with a lot of graphic novels :)
Are you planning to go on with Persepolis 2? I high recommend it. I haven't heard of Mirrormask but will look into it! I seem to be developing a huge interest in graphic novels.

Bibliolatrist said...

What did you think of Edna's decision at the end of THE AWAKENING? Would you have done the same in her position? If so, why? And if no, why not?

Book Zombie said...

I have not read "Persepolis" but I have seen good reviews of it everywhere. My question for you is how would you convince someone to read this (using 25 words or less)?

Bybee said...

Is Stuart A Life Backwards a memoir or a novel? Is this a book about someone mentally challenged?

Bookchronicle said...

Perseoplis: I'm assuming you also read the first one and if so how does it compare? I have not read either though always mean to pick up the collection. Are you a long time fan of graphic novels or is this your first time with one? Either way, how do you feel Persepolis acts as an introduction to the graphic novel world?

Suey said...

Did you sympathize with... (of course I forget her name now...) the main character lady in The Awakening? Or did you find it hard to understand her pain?

katrina said...

Bybee Stuart: A Life Backwards is a memoir.

Dewey said...

How do you think Sartapi's visual art enhanced the text of her story?

I thought the movie made of Cold Mountain (which I saw after reading the novel) was terrible. But I loved the book! Did you see the movie first? If so, how do you think they compare?

Tasses said...

The Awakening is considered a classic. What do you think denotes it as a classic? Would it be viewed as such if published today? Is it the writing or the subject matter (or both) that makes it important?

Joy Renee said...

I'm interested in the technique and art of storytelling itself so anything along that line would interest me. My questions are for any or all of the fiction titles in your list:

How was Point-of-View handled? Was there a single POV character or did it alternate among two or more. Was it always clear whose eyes and mind were filtering?

How was language used to set tone and mood?

Was the prose dense or spare? Were sentences generally simple or complex?

How was metaphor used? Were associations fresh or did they tend toward cliche? Did they add to your understanding of the theme?

What was the central or organizing theme?

How does the title relate to the story? Was it fitting?

I'm a Joyce Carol Oates fan so anything you've got say about her work would be of special interest.
BTW I'm hosting a book giveaway this week. Four copies of Still Summer by Jacquelyn Mitchard. Four chances to enter until Saturday 3PM PST.