Thursday, 17 July 2008

A Night at the Theatre

Last night I went and experience a little bit of culture, I went to the stunning Open Air Theatre in Regents Park. The park itself is lush, and luckily for us the rain held off so we could lay on the grass with our picnics and Champagne (none of that for me as I was driving :( ). The theatre is set in a bank in the park, and we were surprisingly high up, I wasn't expecting it to go up so far. I've seen plays outside before, mainly Shakespeare in the gardens of Cambridge University but it has always been a sitting on a blanket affair, I was glad of a seat and a higher elevation point, just a shame that it wasn't as warm as the previous night and that the little moggies had a taste for my blood and kept nibbling away at my legs.

We went to see Twelfth Night a Shakespeare play I wasn't at all familiar with. Personally I was bored stiff for the first half an hour but then it got started and I started enjoying myself. Next year I'm going to see if I can get tickets to see Midsummer Night's Dream as that is by far my most favorite play and would be stunning in that location.

I've added some pictures for you, they are taken off the net as cameras were banned!

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