Sunday, 1 March 2009

The Sunday Salon: Challenge Update

I have a fairly busy week, the inspectors are coming to school so I should be busy panicking at the moment, but just not in the mood. Not likely to get much reading done either, I started The House of Spirits early last week and still have tons to go, hopefully I will have finished it by next Sunday.

I thought I should do a challenege update as we're at the end of the month.

A-Z Challenge (Authors) 4/27
A-Z Challenge (Titles) 9/27
In Their Shoes 2/4
The Dream King 2/12
1% Well Read Challenge 0/13 (Starts today)
Orbis Terrarum 0/10 (Starts today)
The Genre Challenge 6/10
The Decades Challenge 2/10
The Carribean Challenge 0/6
My Year of Reading Dangerously 1/12
The World Citizen Challenge 0/3
Y.A Challenge 2/12
Deweys Book Reading Challenge 0/6
100 Shots of Short 49/100
The 2009 Pub Challenge 0/9
Themed Challenge 2/4
999 Challenge 12/81
Book Awards 2 4/10
2nd Canadian Challenge 1/13
Latin American Challenge 0/4 (One book underway)
The Rescue Challenge 0/6
The Graphic Novel Challenge 4/12
Manga Challenge 1/4
War Through the Generations: WWII 1/5
Lost in Translation 2/6
Notable Challenge 1/6
What's in a Name? 1/6
The Well Seasoned Reader 1/3
The Chunkster Challenge 3/6
The Guardian 100 novels 0/10
Banned Book Challege 0/4

A few challenges I need to do a lot of work on, particually The Well Seasoned Reader which finishes this month and The Canadian Challenge, I need to read 12 books by 1st of July.


Monique said...

That's a lot of challenges. Good luck

Scrap girl said...

Oh my, you have such a lot of challenges. Good luck with those. Also good luck with the inspectors, is it Ofsted. I had Ofsted last year and I have never felt as exhausted as I did after those two days.

katrina said...

It's a voluntary mini ofsted, they are only in for one day. I wouldn't mind but last year my dept decided to do this as well, so three ofsted type visits (one that was necessary) in the last 3 years, and they come back officially next year. A lot of hassle and unnecessary stress all for nothing.