Friday, 20 March 2009

Once Upon a Time III (March 21st - June 20th)

This is a challenge I knew I'd be signing up to, Carl is hosting the Once Upon a Time III challenge, last year I came back to my blog too late to participate although I really wanted to.

Carl gives a number of options, I'm going for Quest the First, which is to read 5 books from either the fantasy, folklore, fairytale or myth genre. I'm also going to participate in the Short Story Weekends. I will also try and read Midsummer Nights Dream in June as this was the first Shakespeare play I ever read, at aged 11, I loved it but have never read it since.

This is my pool, I'd love to read them all and hopefully the easter break will give me a chance. And it would wipe a large lump off of my tbr pile.
Beauty Sleep, Cameron Dokey
Son of a Witch, Gregory Maguire
The Ladies of Grace Adieu, Susanna Clarke
The Court of the Air, Stephen Hunt
The Wild Wood, Charles de Lint
Angela Carter's Book of Fairy Tales, Angela Carter
The Invention of Hugo Cabret, Brian Selznick
Night's at the Circus, Angela Carter

I look forward to reading everyone's posts.


DesLily said...

I love reading the lists but it's the reviews that make my wish list grow! Good luck with the books!

Scrap girl said...

I hope to do this one too. Great list.

Kerry said...

Cool list. You've got a wide variety of choices there. Happy reading.

N.Vasillis said...

I have Angela Carter on my list too! Happy reading!

Carl V. said...

I'm going to be adding Angela Carter to my list as well. I was so impressed with The Bloody Chamber last year. Great stuff.

I plan on re-reading...for the third least some of Ladies of Grace Adieu. I love that book.

Great to have you joining in the challenge, thank you so much for signing up.

Robin said...

I read de Lint's The Wild Wood for Carl's challenge last year and loved it. You've got some good books on that list. Enjoy!

Stephanie said...

Great list!! I have a couple de Lint's on mine as well!!

Damn. This challenge is going to add so many books to my TBR list!!

Marg said...

Lots of de Lint on the lists, including on mine! Looking forward to hearing about your reads!