Sunday, 29 March 2009

Once Upon a Time III : Short Story Weekend II

Silver or Gold by Emma Bull can be found here on the fantastic Endicott pages.

This story is part folktale part fairytale, just as I like them.
Moon Very Thin is at the end of her training as a witch when Alder Owl, her teacher, is drawn to going away in search of the missing prince. Moon is uncomfortable with staying alone, and has the task of banging on the journey drum each night at sunset to call Alder Owl on in her journey. It is this drum call that allows her to know the Alder Owl is safe, but when one night the drum fails to sound Moon has to set out on a journey of her own in search of her teacher.
This is a journey of growth and self knowledge.
You should go and check it out yourself, it is long but definately worth the time and effort. The last paragraph is worth it just for itself, I would have copied it here but it would just spoil the story. Go have a read!

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Scrap girl said...

I do like the sound of this, so I saved it to my favourites to read over Easter. Thanks for sharing.

DesLily said...

that sounds like a good one.. and thats a lot from someone who doesn't care for short stories lol

Masha said...

wow thanks for the link! I'm going to enjoy reading this one.

Masha said...

Just thought I would let you know...I've printed it out and have been reading it on the train to work. So very special. I'm loving it. Thanks.