Saturday, 9 August 2008

My Challenges Summer 2008

I'm going to be going back to school in a few weeks, starting some training for a new position in the school and starting an 'A' Level which I will have to make myself work at for 8-9 hours each week, so I'm going to be dead busy come September. This list is really for me to keep track of all my challenges so I can see what is happening and how far behind I'm falling in some of them!

Southern Reading Challenge (3/3) Finishes 15/08/08
Young Adult Challenge (12/12) Finishes 31/12/08
2nds Challenge (1/4) Sept 01 - Dec 31st 2008
2008 Booker Challenge (4/6) 31/12/08
Short Story Reading Challenge (1/5) Finishes 31/12/08
Japanese Literature Challenge (1/3) Finshes 30/12/08
The Classics Challenge (5/6) 31/12/08
New Classics Challenge (0/6) Finishes 31/01/09
Unread Authors Challenge (9/6) Finishes 31/01/09
The Canadian Book Challenge (0/13) Finishes 01/07/09
The Awards Challenge (o/10) Finishes 01/06/09
RIP III (3/4) Finishes 31/10/08

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