Thursday, 7 August 2008

Booking Through Thursday: Fantasy Worlds

Are there any particular worlds in books where you’d like to live?
I'm sure like other people I would like to disappear of into the fantasy worlds that authors create rather than the real thing. I think either the magical world of Harry Potter, I could be a teacher at Hogwarts, or much more fun a student. Unfortunately I'd probably the Hermione type as I always did my homework on time. Or, maybe off to Narnia, but when it was nice not when the witch was in control. I could have afternoon tea with Mr Tumnas and hot crumpets. Or the world of Faerie in Stardust. I could name loads, they all seem to include magical creatures and dragons.
Or where you certainly would NOT want to live?
Hmm, there are books about wars and the holocaust and things like that, I wouldn't want to live in that world at that time, though I'm sure that after the war it is a nice place to explore or live.
What about authors? If you were a character, who would you trust to write your life?
Not sure, someone with a vivid imagination who could make it really exciting!


Smilingsal said...

You are braver than I.

raidergirl3 said...

I would trust Maeve Binchy with my life, happy endings, either Mediterranean or Irish settings, the right man in the end.

katrina said...

If they could write me in the right man Id be signing up today!

gautami tripathy said...


Magical world is ok. Fantasy, no!

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