Wednesday, 6 August 2008

My Thoughts: Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell

It has taken me a very, very long time to read this, but I have enjoyed every page. I have never seen the film or knew a great deal about the story except Rhett and Scarlett's name so everything was all new to me.
As I'm sure most people know this novel focuses on just 12years in the life of Scarlett O'Hara. In that 12 years she faces a lifetimes worth of events and emotions. From a flighty, flirty and selfish teenage with a spread of men laid at her feet for her choosing, she ends up in a loveless marriage because she couldn't have the one man she wanted. This marriage leaves her a mother and a widow by the age of 17. The war betweeen the Yankees in the north and the south rages, at first leaving Scarlett with a sence of freedom and then a series of burdens and worries. Scarltett's fierce soul helps here battle her way to safety, fight poverty and kill a man so she can keep the hous that she loves going and in her possession. For the safety of this house and those in it she enters yet another love less marriage and produces yet another unwanted child. She is yet again left a widow and marries the Scalleywag Rhett Butler, a marriage full of passion, hatred, lies and deciet.
As much as Scarlett should be a hated character I couldn't help but like her determination, her way of getting what she needed - yes she was spiteful, and self absorbed but the reader always seemed to be kept on her side, in the knowledge that deep down she wasn't as strong as she liked to show. Melly, took a while to capture me, but she was created with a weak body and a stong mind and soul. Yet the most captivating character in the novel was Rhett, we had to learn to read the expressions on his face, just as Scarlett had to try and decipher them. We never knew how he was going to react to any situation, or to Scarlett's scorn. I loved all the passages about him with Bonnie, a way to love Scarlett through another person.
I shall definately get my own copy of this book, as I'd love to read it again in the future, and I shall hire the film in the next few weeks to see how it compares. The best book I've read this year by far.
What's in a Name Book 5 of 6 (Weather)
Pulitzer Project Book 11 of 81
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____Maggie said...

Two down and one to go!!!

I was a Gone w/ the Wind movie lover for years before finally reading this epic, and wow what a book. I remember being extremely impressed with Mitchell's style. It is really hard to decide on which is a better piece of art. :)

Great review!

sissy said...

Hi Katrina,
I found your review of Gone With The Wind today and wanted to comment. Of course, I don't know you or your age but it was fate, love, that you finally got around to reading this great book. It is truly a great classic and you have given it a very good review for your first read through. It sounds as if you are hooked on these great characters. If you are like most of its fans you will eventually read it again and again. You must see the movie soon and come back here to post your thoughts. It is equally riveting. I have a site that you might want to look at. Those of us that grew up with the movie and book like to have our little momentos. You can find it at Yes, its a plug but you might like to see some of the things that people collect relating to this book and movie.

raidergirl3 said...

yay, you finished. GWTW is also a Pulitzer winner from 1937, if you are reading those.
What's your last book for the Southern Reading Challenge? You still have a week, tons of time.

katrina said...

Either Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, or Cold Mountain.

Kya said...

This is one of those books that I felt I should read but never really wanted to. So, it's interesting to read your review. It wounds oike a more quality book than I had thought.