Saturday, 16 August 2008

My Thoughts: Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips

'What if God was one of us?' A famous line from a pop song, but it looks like Marie Phillips took this idea that Gods could live among us and transfered if into a funny, light-hearted novel. In Gods Behaving Badly, Greek gods are forced to live in London, in a cumbling terrace house, and forced to have jobs as well as perform their powers to keep Earth working. Aphrodite is a sex line worker, Artemis and dog walker, Appollo a T.V presenter and Dionysis runs a nightclub. The Gods power is fading, they are bored with their lives and live in a continual motion of repeating things they have already done again and again and again.

Then enter into their lives Alice, the timid cleaner and Neil, the equally timid engineer. The pair seem to belong to some quaint English soap opera, they are bright but lack much of a life. But once they have entered the lives of the Gods they are quickly thrown into a variety of strange situations, including death, conversations with Hades and a mass gathering on the streets of London.

The book is funny, very adult, and full of swearing. Its the type of book I can imagine many people won't like, especially really religious people, but its also a fun read.


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raidergirl3 said...

I liked this too, such a fun romp.
Here's my review:

But definitely adult.