Saturday, 11 July 2009

My Thoughts: Being Emily by Anne Donovan

Being Emily is a novel about love, growing up and family. Fiona starts off as the quiet child in a busy family, a child with an obsession about Emily Bronte who just doesn't quite fit in with her busy family. As she gets older she moves off to a new school and widens her interests to include art. When her mother dies she is left in charge of the family home while her dad tries to kill his pain with whiskey.
Jas, her boyfriend is her only escape until she meets his older brother. After that her life spirals in many different directions.
Set in Scotland this novel has a warm feel,the dialect is recreated producing the feel of a northern family. This novel, although not my normal type of read is warm and secure, something I'd happily lend to the older girls in my classes. It explore love and family without over romanticising or demonising them like many books do.
A good Sunday afternoon read.

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Scrap girl said...

I like the sound of this. I will definitely look this one up. Might suit my girls when they are a bit older.