Sunday, 30 November 2008

Sunday Salon: A couple of tiny reviews.

I didn't have my computer for a week as my badly behaved house rabbit chewed through the power cable! As a result I managed to get 4 books read in 7 days. I'm back to a computer now so I'm sure things will slow down again.

I've been out all day at my Mums so I'm fairly tired so I'm going to just jot down my thought on three of the books I read.

Life isn't all Ha Ha Hee Hee, Meena Syal: About 2nd generation Indians living in England torn between the beliefs, religion and religion of their nationality and parents and the world of London where they actually grew up. The story is about 3 girls, all friends, all with very different lives. This was a good fun read, something I have have on my mental tbr pile for years and years.

Man Crazy, Joyce Carol Oates: Sounds like Chick-lit but it isn't. It's actually a very dary novel, the central character grew out with her dad passing in and out of her life, and several men in and out of her Mum's bedroom. The character is desperate for love, so desperate she ends up in a very harmful situation with a cult, in which she is abused in many ways.

A Scent from a Strange Mountain, Robert Olen Butler: An excellent, Pulitzer winning collection of short stories, and my final collection for the Short Story Challenge. The stories are set in Vietnam and America and are about Vietnamese migrants. There is a lovely tone to the tales. Well worth checking out.

I'm also joining Rhiona's Ramblings Manga Challenge. The rules are simply to read 6 Manga novels in 2009 - I've never read any before so this should be a great introduction. I have no clue about Manga except that you can get Manga Shakespeare, so I'll have to hunt around in bookstores and see which ones appeal, and seek advice from Manga readers.


Rhinoa said...

Thanks so much for signing up. I hope you enjoy the manga that you read during 2009.

Anna said...

I wanted to stop by and say thanks for signing up for the 2009 war challenge.

You'll be on the official participant list.