Sunday, 2 November 2008

The Sunday Salon: Challenges???

Despite having a week of work I got very little reading done, my week was jam packed. I shouldn't even be on here this morning as I have a ton of planning to do!

I completed another 2 challenges this week, The Man Booker 2008 and RIP III and now only have 3 challenges left that I need to complete before the year finishes, and thats only 2 books to finish that I'm part way through and 3 books to read fully. Despite clearing up my challenges I seem to be joining a whole host more for next year, its like just can't help myself. I just joined two more this morning:

I enjoy participating in challenges as it often brings to my attention new books and authors I never even knew about and those books I always meant to read. This year, however, I'm going to try and use challenges to read a lot of the books I already own.

Do you join or avoid challenges? Why


Memory said...

I try to join only those challenges I know I can complete. I don't want to feel obligated to read one thing when I'd much rather be reading something else, so I tend to choose looser challenges that will allow me to read things that are already on my TBR list. I did RIP III during September and October, and I'm currently involved in Fall Into Reading 2008. I'll be doing the 2009 Pub Challenge next year, too.

Literary Feline said...

Congratulations on completing two challenges this past week! I'm not doing so well in mine this year, but my reading has gone in a different direction. I will probably keep my challenge participation down to a minimum this next year. Good luck with your new challenges! Have a great week!

Monique said...

I have only done one long term challenge (50 Books) and I am not done with that one yet (not until March). But I did sort of enjoy it. I am going to do challenges in 2009 that strecth my reading a little bit more. It is too easy with the 50 Book Challenge just to read stuff that I am interested in.