Thursday, 17 April 2008

Orbis Terravm: Book List

To be read by Dec 20th
For some reason I can't edit my previous post to add the books I am going to read for this challenge, so the potential list is here:

Peony In Love, Lisa See - China (read)
Moon Tiger, Penlope Lively - Eygpt (read)
The Devil and Miss Prym, Coelho - Brazil (Read)
The Plague, Camus -Algeria (Read)
Persian Brides, Rabinyan - Iran
Mister Pip, Jones - Australia


bethany said...

WELCOME!!! You have a great list there! Can't wait to see your reviews from your travels...yay!
When you do a review, or have thoughts on an OT book, be sure to link so we can see it too!! (there is a link that says: Your Orbis Terrarum travel thoughts!, link there) Can't wait!! I really just can't.
Also, I will post questions every once in a while about the bloggers be sure to check back, or to add us to your google reader!


raidergirl3 said...

I just recently bought Microserfs at a second hand store, but I don't think of it as a world book, because I'm Canadian! I love Coupland; he's becoming one of my favorite authors.

I've been wanting to read Wild Swans for a few years now, but it looks so big, and so epic, that I keep putting it back.