Sunday, 20 April 2008

My Thoughts: The Motorcycle Diaries - Che Guevara

My problem with this book was I had such high expectations, I thought it'd make me want to grab a backpack and take myself off to explore the beauty and culture of South America. The film had.

However I felt that I never got to 'see' South America or to 'know' the two travellers. As the book moved so fast from one area to another there was very little detailed description, the scenarios which were played out so well in the film were mentioned but also not given a lot of attention.

If you have read this book feel free to comment or leave a link to your own review.


bethany said...

I enjoyed the movie too, but haven't read the book. I didn't know it was a book.

Interesting that you say that you felt the detail was lacking, that it moved to fast. I am interested in it now, I will have to add it to my never ending wish list and see if I get it at some point.

Thanks for the review!! Where are you traveling to next?!

katrina said...

I'm stretched between Canada (Microserfs) and Columbia (one Hundred Years of Solitude) at the moment, really enjoying both.
Will post as I finish them