Sunday, 28 March 2010

Once Upon a Time IV: Short Story Weekends

For this weeks Short Story I went back and visited a site which I love but haven't looked at in ages, The Endocott Studio. The site features lots of mythical and fantastical short stories, poems, images and articles and is well worth checking out.

I only have time to read one story today, so chose 'The Boy Who Was Born Wrapped in Barbed Wire' by Christopher Barzak.
The young boy is born not only surrounded by barbed wire but with the wire actually growing out from his skin. As a result of his birth his mother dies and he is left alone with just his solitary beekeeping father. The father is a distant man, never able to touch his son for fear of getting hurt. The boy becomes an outcast until their is a revival at the local church and the local woman all decide that his sould needs saving.

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C.B. James said...

Sounds like an interesting story. Thanks for the link to ti.