Tuesday, 9 March 2010

My Thoughts: The Virago Book of Wicked Verse edited by Jill Dawson

I picked up this poetry collection a few months ago from a charity shop meaning to get started on it straight away, but, typically of my relationship with poetry, this got popped onto the shelf doomed for dust and years of unlove. The Colver, Bee and Reverie poetry challenge prompted me to make a grab for this collection and I've managed to read a handful each evening. I've found that by making it part of my routine, I read it each night in the bath, I managed to sustain my interest and get through the whole collection.
The poems in this collection are written by women from all corners of the world and centuries gone by. The poems themes simply had to be considered 'wicked' in some way. There is plenty of feminism, jibes at men, tales of parenthood, friendship, religion and sex. I found that many of the poems had a comic edge to them, and I certainly was made to smile in many places. I'll admit, of course, there were some I skipped after a few lines and some which I was baffled by - generally the ancient chinese proverbs.
I've finished the collection and now have a handful of female poets to check out in more depth, these poets may be being read and reviewed soon:Sylvia Kantaris, Ann French, Ann Ziety and Mary Elizabeth Coleridge.


Valerie said...

I think anthologies in general tend to be a mixed bag -- some you like and understand more than others! I haven't heard of any of the poets you are interested in from this collection -- guess I'll have to look this one up.

Sherry said...

I'd like to invite you and your readers to join in on my poetry survey. I'm looking for your ten favorite classic poems. Read more about it here.

Eva said...

I really want to start a pre-bedtime routine of poetry reading as well. Hoping the Clover, Bee, & Reverie challenge will get me there!