Saturday, 27 March 2010

All in a (creative) afternoon's work...

I was supposed to be marking, and had good intentions but feeling grotty and having had enough of coursework all week I persuaded myself (it didn't take much) that an afternoon being creative was in order.
I had a set of spring fat pages (4x4 embellished pages) to get started. I rummaged through my supplies for ages but nothing seemed to fit and I almost gave up in a grump, but then I remembered this cute little dress garland I'd seen on another blog. So I stole the idea and created away. The little dresses gave me a chance to use up some scraps, by girly, and avoid the flower path which the other members of the swap all seem to be going down.

Pictured is the front cover of the book I will use to collect each members contribution. I like the fresh feel of this, and added the clouds as we seem to have had a lot of those these past couple of days - England in spring is a real clothing conundrum!

The inside pages all have a large tag with a quote from Ellis Peters. 'Every spring is the only spring a perpetual astonishment.'
Sorry for the quality of the photos, not only is it dark today, but I had to use the camera phone as my camera has run out of batteries. They look brighter and more cheery in the flesh.

Off for an evening of reading Nights at the Circus, watching Lost, and errr sitting in the dark for an hour for Earthhour.

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