Saturday, 27 February 2010

Library Loot: A Varied Bag

I popped in to the library expecting to pick up one or two holds to find there were 6 books waiting for me! I was definately glad that the super grey clouds (England seems to have hit rainy season, I hate it and just want the sun to come out again) had made me decide to drive to town rather than taking my normal 3 mile walk.

A Case of Exploding Mangoes by Mohammed Hanif (Audiobook), I've wanted to read this for ages so grabbed it when I saw the audio version which I'll listen to on my drive home from work each night. It will also be my Olympic Challenge Pakistan read.
The Faber Book of Contemporary Caribbean Short Stories edited by Mervyn Morris and Stories from the Caribbean edited by Andrew Salkey, I grabbed these to carry on my Caribbean readings. The Andrew Salkey one has fewer authors but 2 or 3 stories from each author whilst the Faber collection has a wider range of authors. Hopefully I'll find some new authors to read more of in the future.
The God Who Begat a Jackal by Nega Mezlakia, this is set in Ethiopia so perfect for the Olympic Challenge.
Selected Poetry by Derek Walcott, this will be my second poetry book for the Clover, Bee, Reverie poetry challenge, hopefully I'll enjoy it as much as I'm enjoying the first. Also, you guessed it, he is a Caribbean author!
Wicca by Vivianne Crowley and The Bible: The Biography by Karen Armstrong, both of these are for The World Religion Challenge.

The other two books were sent to me as a Surprise RABCK (Random Act of Book Crossing Kindness) to help me with the Olympic Challenge, Moving Through The Streets by Joeseph C Veramu is written and set in Fiji (it looks like it was typed on a typewriter so will be a short but eyestraining read) and Night, Again: Contemporary fiction from Vietnam edited by Linh Dinh which I'm really looking forward to.

I'm off to finish The Fellowship of the Ring and The White Tiger so I can get started on my library pile :D

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Vivienne said...

That always happens to me. I end up coming out of the library with more books than I thought I would. I look the look of the Wicca book.