Thursday, 18 February 2010

A creative week

Half term was supposed to be a chance to catch up on work, and I have done some (honest!), but I also used the week to read, create a watch tv.
Below are the creations which I have been making for the yahoo minibook group. The first is the winter fat page swaps (these were meant to be finished a month ago!). The idea is to create one page for each member in the swap, that way each member has a little book with everyones work in it, and as they are heavily embellished the book is nice and fat.
I made simple flowers (simple but time consuming) out of red felt, added an oversized button and stuck them on some patterned paper and then card. I was hoping for something wintery without being too chistmasy.

Here you can see the winterfat page book I have so far - its already getting fat and I'm still waiting for 5 more pages to arrive.

The next swaps aren't due to be completed for a few weeks so I'm actually ahead of myself for once. The first is a under-the-sea themed skinny book with a pocket containing a tag on the front of it. I really struggled to find sea themed stamps or paper which I liked, so I decided to draw my own - I really can't draw so I resorted to zentangles as they are easy for us non-artistic types. Unlike the fatpages above we are not sending these to the individual members but to one person who then divides them up (saves on postage), so I won't get to see everyone elses designs till at least the end of March.
I've included a snap shot of them all and them a close up of the pair of them, as you can see each design is individual, just hoping the recipients each like their mermaid.

I then spent this morning folding these tiny oragami birds for moo cards (the size of a business card), I had a few left over so made a couple of ATCs as well to swap with people on a different site. The birds were easy to fold, the hardest thing was tackling them and the double sided sticky tape!

Off to finish reading Annie John, then work behind the bar for a 75th birthday party - doubt I'll be finding a future husband there this evening!

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Vivienne said...

Wow - I love them all. You have had a very creative week.