Sunday, 24 January 2010

Salon Sunday: Finally found my book mojo and Reading in Colour

It's been a strange old beginning to the year. Snow. Ofsted. Disappointment (I'm not going to China, and the boy I like didn't ask me on a date, grrrr!). And I've also lost my reading and studying mojo.
So far this year I've finished just three books (1 was YA and one children's fction) and we are 24 days into the year, (I normall average 2 books a week). I'm wasting time on the net, watching dvd's and tv and generally feeling under the weather.
But, last night I finally found a book I could curl up with. The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters had me hooked. I'm 200 pages in and could quite happily have picked it up as soon as I got up and spent all day reading it. As it is I had marking to do, all complete, and the next section of A Suitable Boy to read for my read-a-long, which is what I'm off to do next. I'm then off to the cinema and out for Indian food. But, I'm looking forward to curling back up with my book before I go to sleep.

Oh, and so I don't double post today here is my Reading in Colour pledge. Eva, over at A Striped Armchair blogged a wonderful post about white priviledge and our reading habbits, checking it out is a must. I do read quite a few authors from other countries but I'm nowhere near as diverse in my reading habbits as I'd like to be. I've decided to try to make at least a third of my fiction reads by POC. And half of my non-fiction reads by POC.


Sandra said...

I loved The Little Stranger. Glad you found something you're really enjoying. Eva is something isn't she? She's always got something interesting on. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Vivienne said...

I am reading The Little Stranger too at the moment. It is good, isn't it?

Vasilly said...

So glad to hear that your reading and studying mojo came back. I lost my reading mojo back in December and it hasn't came back yet. Maybe I'll give A Little Stranger a try. Glad to hear you're joining the POC challenge.

Eva said...

Woot! Have fun discovering POC authors. :)