Saturday, 16 January 2010

Crafty Corner: Felt Flowers

I vowed that I would try and learn something new every week or so this year, mainly focusing on crafty goodness. So last weekend I made my first felt flowers, in fact the orange one in the picture above. I've since made a few more. At the moment I'm sticking to using them on ATCs, but I have a plan to make a few cushions with them on (well buy the cushions and attach the handmade flowers) for a friends birthday.
Today I mastered paper flowers, and used them to make my own gift wrap, as shown above.

The ATC above is for my sister's birthday, on the reverse side her birthday message is stiched on. Unfortunatley my camera has run out of batteries so this is taken on my camera phone and has come out a far brighter orange and white than the real thing, which is far more mellow. I hope that she likes it as she is the arty one in the family. Along with this she is getting a copy of The Arrival by Shaun Tan, and I'm in the process of making her a scrapbooking kit as I think her artistic skills and eye, plus her photography skills would work wonderfully together in a scrapbook. She'll be recieving this late though as January is turning out to be an expensive month.

Tomorrow I'll go to my mums to see her and have dinner with the family. Monday I find out if school are going to let me go to Southern China over Easter with as part of the school trip. My fingers are crossed and double crossed.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend x


Eva said...

Those are so lovely! Did you learn how to make them out of a book? Or on the internet?

katrina said...

both on the internet, just through google searches

Beth said...

Wow...It really looks wonderful. Wish If you could share the procedure to create one.