Friday, 1 January 2010

52 in 10

2009 was the year I discovered scrapping and mini book making, plus a stack of other crafts like collage, knitting and crochet (all of which I'm completely incompetent at at the moment - but will be working on). I've bravely decided to join a class to scrap about me in 2010. The class seems to be about scrapping about your life, rather than just the events of this year. The prompts also say that it will include a lot of journalling which is perfect for me.
Now, I'm sure most people doing this project are working on 12"x12" or 8"x8" sheets. Being different, I of course wanted to do things differently. I'm making mine ATC size (the size of a playing card). Each prompt will cover a double page in the book. As for the prompts I will try and complete all of them, however if they don't fit my mood that week I'll do something else, I may then come back to that prompt later in the year. The small size, hopefully, will mean its less daunting and can be completed fairly quickly. It's also good as unlike others I won't have many photos to add in. And, when I get to Cambodia and Vietnam in July/August I will be able to take a few of the pages with me to complete on my travels.
Here is a glimpse at my introduction page. Explaining pretty much what I said above. And, oh yes, for those of you with good eyesight I will be turning 30 this year (actually in the final days of the year), and although I'm dreading it already, it would be nice to have something as a momento of my final year in my twenties.

If your interested in participating its free and held here each sunday.


Vivienne said...

This looks good. I will go and take a look at this one. I haven't heard of it through the scrapping world yet.

Eva said...

I'm always more attracted to mini-journals and mini-books! And I'm SO jealous about your trip coming up!