Monday, 22 June 2009

Challenges: A Decision

The TBR stacks are growing. The library loans are ridiculous. And the books I don't own that I need to complete challenges are stupid. And the fund for travelling to India next year or teaching abroad for a year is still at zero.So something has to go.
I pondered all week over whether to just scrap all my challenge commitments, but couldn't actually bring myself to do it. So I've decided I will only read the books that I already have, no more library loans (on fiction)or purchases till the tbr stacks get down to a reasonable level. (I have over 400 unread books, most of them I barely even glance at as I know I need to read the next challenge book from the library). I'm also laying off signing up for bookrings.
I have tons of bookcrossing books at home that I have been sent by kind bookcrossers - some of which I've had for 2 years - these books make me feel bad. I love to see my books travelling around the world yet I'm hording the ones I've been given.

Some challenges will be completed easily from what I have at home, some will sag a little but I'll read for them what I have in the house, if I can't complete the challenge because of this thats the way it goes.


Scrap girl said...

Good for you. A hard decision to make, but sometimes things have got to give.

C. B. James said...

I know the feeling. I have a very large TBR pile, though not 400. Some books have been in the TBR stack for years.

katrina said...

Some of my books I brought back when I started uni in 1999 they must get read!