Sunday, 24 May 2009

Salon Sunday: Library Loot and stuff...

It's half term and it is hot outside!!! (Tomorrow rain is predicted) I think this is the first summers day this year when I've been able to go out and appreciate the sunshine. I took a leisurely walk to the library which involved walking across a meadow and down the side of the river - perfect setting, whilst listening to Sabriel on my iPod. Then I spent an hour or so weeding (not quite so appealling as the walk).
Eventually I came in so my poor skin doesn't get too shocked by the sudden feeling of sunshine - I SHALT NOT GET SUNBURN this year!
I also took a break in my reading (Buddig Prospects by TC Boyle - not sure I'm that bothered by this book), to read a YA classic, Stone Cold by Robert Swindells (review to come).

Library Loot: Hosted here by Eva.
Well I arrived at the library hoping some of my reservations would have arrived but no such luck. So I went browsing....

So Many Books, Gabriel Zaid apparently 'a conversation about reading'. For the Non-Fiction 5 challenge and it may fit into the culture section of Eva's World Citizen Challenge
The Waste Land, Martin Rowson a Graphic Novel version of my favourite poem, a book I may either love or despise.
The Picture of Dorian Gray, Wilde, Edginton, Culbard both for the graphic novel challenge.
Orbiter, Ellis, Doran, Stewart another Graphic Novel

Now off to try and finish Budding Prospects (only another 100 pages to go) and read some more of the fantastic Polysyllabic Spree. Then going to watch 24: Redemption


Eva said...

Looks like you got some good books even if your reserves weren't in! :)

Scrap girl said...

Hooray for the sunshine yesterday! But you are right about the rain today.