Wednesday, 6 May 2009

My Thoughts: The Giver by Lois Lowry

I wouldn't normally ahve picked this book up as the cover and size of the font suggest that it is for children of around the age of 8-9, I prefer books aimed at older teens for my YA selection, so I'm glad this come up as a goodreads monthly read.
The novel is based in what appears to be a utopian world, there is no pain, class or races, no hunger, jealousy or need. Yet when you delve deeper you also discover that there is no free will, love or truth.
The novel features Jonas a young boy who is assigned the job of the Reciever of Memories. He is trained by the old Reciever who passes on memories of what the people of the community used to experience. It is only with these memories that you truly realise what this community has lost - great things like love, freedom and playing in the snow and also the things we'd like to abolish from the world like war, hunger and loss. Jonas' job is to keep these memories so no-oe else in the community has to experience pain, but you also wonder if it is so the community remains easy to control.

This is a great read for both adults and those over 11 (there are some big issues to deal with), and highly recommended, it's a book that will certainly leave you thinking.
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Scrap girl said...

Sounds really unusual and interesting . I shall definitely look this one up.

Nymeth said...

That cover definitely is misleading! I loved this book. It's short, but it packs so much.The rest of the trilogy is also good, even if not quite as good.

~*Kaila*~ said...

I love this book and I am looking forward to reading the rest in the trilogy.

Thanks for posting this review

Eva said...

Um, this is one of my favourite books ever, and that cover is one of the UGLIEST things I have ever seen! It hurts my eyes!

Trin said...

I read this one this year too, great read. . .