Friday, 3 April 2009

Challenge Update: Its all looking scary

A-Z Challenge (Authors) 6/27
A-Z Challenge (Titles) 12/27
In Their Shoes 3/4
The Dream King 2/12
1% Well Read Challenge 2/13
Orbis Terrarum 4/10
The Genre Challenge 6/10
The Decades Challenge 4/10
The Carribean Challenge 0/6
My Year of Reading Dangerously 2/12
The World Citizen Challenge 0/3
Y.A Challenge 2/12
Deweys Book Reading Challenge 0/6
100 Shots of Short 53/100
The 2009 Pub Challenge 0/9
Themed Challenge 2/4
999 Challenge 17/81
Book Awards 2 4/10
2nd Canadian Challenge 1/13 ABANDONING - WILL NEVER COMPLETE
Latin American Challenge 1/4
The Rescue Challenge 0/6
The Graphic Novel Challenge 6/12
Manga Challenge 1/4
War Through the Generations: WWII 1/5
Lost in Translation 5/6
Notable Challenge 1/6
What's in a Name? 13/6
The Well Seasoned Reader 3/3 COMPLETED!
The Chunkster Challenge 3/6
The Guardian 100 novels 1/10
Banned Book Challege 1/4
Once Upon a Time III Challenge 1/5
Herding Cats 0/2
Its the End of the World 0/4

I'm off for the next two weeks so hope to finish the Latin American Challenge and make a dent in the Award Winners as they both finish soonish

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Rhinoa said...

Cool glad to see someone else doing far too many challenges! You are doing great keeping track of them all and have made an awesome start to the 999 challenge.