Saturday, 21 February 2009

Orbis Terrarum 2009

I loved this challenge last year and finished really early, so this year I'm adding a twist to the books I will choose. Each book has to have a link to the book that went before it. I have about 4 possible lists worked out, but they keep changing and I know I'm bad at following lists so I'm going to just add the books as I go along.
I have my first 4 worked out then I'll go from there:
The Hive, Camilo Jose Cela (Spain) - a Noble winning author as was Gabriella Garcia Marquez, I will tackle his Love in a Time of Cholera (based on Columbia). Whilst we are in South America I'm going to check out Cristina Garcia's novel The Aguero Sisters (Cuba) which links nicely to Sister of My Heart by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni (India). Where I go from there I'm not sure as yet but it must be somewhere which lurks in mount tbr.

P.S I'll probably have an extras pile for those books I read on the side which come from different countries.


Richard said...

Katrina, I love your idea for the "twist" linking each book in your travels. Good luck with that! Also, I'll be particularly interested in what you'll have to say about the Cela book because the only novel I've read by him so far ("La familia de Pascual Duarte") was very intense--might be time for me to read another by him. Happy reading!

Stephen Rowntree said...

Cela's work after "La Familia de Pascual Duarte" is exceptionally interesting, 'San Camilo 1939", a difficult read, but well worth the eye-strain, "Makurka For Two dead Men", which I took with me to Dublin this past summer, though in the unplotted vein, is extraordinary.

If you've read Cela's "Hive", you have just begun to explore his genius. Read on, you surly won't regret it. And, if you want to read who Marquez, Calvino and Cortazar were influenced by, get a copy of "Lands Of Memory" by Felisberto Hernandez, though he wrote little, what he did write was extraordinary.