Tuesday, 17 February 2009

My Thoughts: Talking Heads 2 by Alan Bennett

This book contains a series of monologues which originally were written to be performed on the BBC television programme, they since have been recorded for radio and for theatre performance. I read the book of transcripts and I will certainly be looking out for an audio book version of the first series.
The monologues are all told by various people, people you may pass unnoticed on the street, the neighbour, the elderly lady at the bus stop etc. Yet each character has an unseemly story behind their ordinary exterior; they are a peadophille, they are married to a serial killer or they have befriended their neighbour who killed her husband after years of abuse at his hands.
The truth is gradually revealed after you feel that you have gotten to know the person. The monologues are all fairly short, no longer than 15 pages each but each one tells an extraordinary story.

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