Thursday, 19 February 2009

Library Loot

After winning 20 odd books last week with more arriving everyday I was planning on being strict with myself with this weeks trip to the library. I was planning on borrowing just the 3 books that I had reserved - and that's what I did in a way. I only borrowed 3 books but got tempted by the library sale shelf and 5, for the grand total of £2.35!

I borrowed:
The Girl Who Played with Fire, Larsson (For the Pub challenge)
Castle Waiting, Linda Medley (a book I saw on Eva's lists when I was looking for inspiration for the Graphic Novel Challenge)
Sky Burial, Xinran (An impulse reservation that I made after seeing someones review - can't remember who!)

I then brought:
Anything But Ordinary: The Nine Lives of Cecile, Cecile Dorward (In their shoes)
Tales of Innocence and Experience, Eva Figes (In their shoes)
Elements, A.S Byatt (I love her stuff)
Please Mr Einstein, Carriere
Contemporary British and Irish Poetry, Sarah Broom

Want to see what others have borrowed, check out Eva's post here


samantha.1020 said...

I've been wanting to read Sky Burial for awhile now. It sounds really good. Hope you enjoy it!

olduvai said...

Sounds like a good haul! I've got The Girl Who Played with Fire and Sky Burial on my to-read list.

Eva said...

I love A.S. Byatt as well! (Can't remember right now if I've read Elementals.) And I won Sky Burial in a giveaway last year; I keep meanign to read it. :) Castle Waiting is great-I hope you enjoy it!