Thursday, 15 January 2009

Library Loot

Eva is hosting Library Loot, an opportunity to flash the books you borrowed from the library this week.
I borrowed 4 and brought 3 for 20pence each. Sounds a bargain but this trip cost loads as I had a £20 fine a the library (eek!)

(This looks a mess as all pictures are coming up as links so I can't fiddle with the sizing and positioning - damn blogspot!
From the top: Days like Today, Ingalls (a bargain buy); The Graveyard Book, Gaiman (Because I love his stuff and for the Dream King and YA challenges); Fun Home: A Tragicomic, Bechdel (In Their Shoes and Graphic Novel Challenge); a graphic novel version of The Master and Margarita (For Olympic ad Graphic novel challenge); Priest, Min-Woo Hyung (my first ever Manga for the Manga challenge); Redemption, Langdale and Still Water Saints, Espinoza (both bargains).


Eva said...

I had a $28 library fine once. I knew it was coming, so I was prepared, but the poor librarian obviously thought I was going to fight her on it. I think she was shocked when I just forked over the cash!

Anyway, those are some fun books you got, and I look forward to your reviews. :) (You should start with The Graveyard Book. Read it now!)

katrina said...

I already started whilst waiting for my ancient laptop to start up!

Scrap girl said...

Wow- how did you manage that. Loads of books or did you keep them for a long while. I've only ever managed up to a fiver. I am dying to read 'The Graveyard Book', though not literally.

Nymeth said...

I can't wait to hear your thoughts on The Graveyard Book and Fun Home!

katrina said...

Half-way through The Graveyard book and I love it. I was so sure I renewed those books on line (14 books!, I went to search for a book and saw I had a £20 odd pound fine.

N.Vasillis said...

I can't wait to read your review of The Graveyard Book and Fun Home. The largest fine I've had from the library was $45. You would've thought I learned my lesson, but unfortunately I haven't yet.