Monday, 12 January 2009

Characters who annoy/frustrate.

Yesterday I finished Siam: Or the Woman Who Shot a Man by Lucy Tuck, before I make this book sound bad, I'll give you the low down. The book is about a young newly married couple, his job is with the Army and he is posted in Thailand helping in the strikes against Vietnam. The wife moves out to live with him. One evening they go to dinner with the president of the Thai Silk Company, a few days later he goes missing. The wife becomes obsessed with the missing man.

My Rant: Firstly I cannot see why the couple are married, he is obsessed with sex, seeming to need in non-stop. She talks and talks despite the fact that he is not interested, and if you had to listen to it you would't be interested either. In the middle of sex she will be telling him about the Thai royal family and during a car crash she decides to repeast all the Thai she had learnt that week!
She also becomes obsessed with a man she met once at a busy dinner, whom she barely spoke to. She obsesses about whether he has been attacked by Lions, kidnapped by communists, or even the Americans. She is basically a wet blanket, far too young to be married and longing for some way to speed up her lonely days.
I kept reading on trying to figure out when this book was going to get better, when she was going to solve the murder and whe she was going to catch her husband in bed with someone else - it never happened.
Anyway it helped with a couple of challenges
NaJuReMoNoMo book 4/5
A-Z (Title)

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