Saturday, 26 September 2009

My Thoughts: Creating Chaos by Claire Dowie

As you can probably tell from my lack of posts I've been in a reading funk for a while now, this has been going on since August and doesn't seem to be sorting itself out. I keep browsing the internet, watching DVDs or just going to bed early. Reading and crafting are both not grabbing my attention as easily as they normally do.
This week from last Thurs till this Thursday I'm taking part in a 24 hour reading challenge through Bookcrossing. Unlike the Dewie 24 hour read-a-thon (which I'm planning on doing in Oct.) you have to read for 24 hours over the space of a week(normally an easy challenge for me).So far I've only managed an hour and a half, but I'm going to grab a Chinese soon and sit down to digest The Piano Teacher.

This afternoon I finished Creating Chaos, this is a bookring, which should be finished and sent on in the space of a month, but it has been lurking around the house since August 5th! When it arrived it just didn't look like my type of thing, I guiltily picked this up on Wednesday and read 3 hours worth and spent the evening finshing it off.
The book starts off with a group of mismatched disengaged university students, Jonathan's rich (very rich) father dies leaving him Tadley Hall, a mansion surrounded by acres and acres of land. Jonathan hates how money had affected his parents lives so allows his friends into gradually turning the place into a commune. The gang 'marry' each other in an unofficial ceremony and there lives are intwined in many ways. Sarah, willing to sleep with anyone, ends up marrying a gay man, the only male in the family who can't possibly be the father to her first child Chaos.
The book comes to centre on Ewan and Sarah, there relationship is one of jealousy and spite, she sleeps with everyone whilst loving him. As the commune grows she has more kids and other children and families come to live together.
Life in Tadley Hall isn't ever smooth, yet manages to be successful and nearly crashes when they start producing goods for the outside world.
Chaos grows up with 7 fathers and 4 mothers, he struggles to always understand all that is happening in the house but understands the central politics of the place.
At 15 he finally adventures off of their land and into the real world, not even knowing how to cross the road. Life leads him to form a band, and with his mothers pushiness become the unacting figure-head of an underground anarchist group called Fragspawn.
Writing this down isn't making it sound an attractive read, but it is remarkably good.

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