Saturday, 22 August 2009

A Crafty Week

(Apologies in advance for the picture heavy post)
As anyone who reads regularly will know I have gained a new interest during the school holidays, crafting. During the week I made some tags for a group swap - so far I have made 4 I need to make 16, I've just read on the site that most people make the same tag for each person they swap with wheras I'd been making different tags for each person. Now that I know that I can make a little assembly line to mass produce some of them and speed stuff up.

I've also made a couple of ATCs (Artist trading cards), the first couple I made were on playing cards - there ok as first attempts and look better in the flesh, but I'm not happy with them. The second one is my fav, it encompasses Ezra Pounds, 'In a Station by the Metro' my favorite poem. If you click to enlarge you can see more of the detail.
Finally this morning I spent 5 hours making this book! Its my first attempt at a mini book and I'm happy with how it turned out. Over the next few days I'll add little tags and cards with more quotes into the little pockets I created. The book folds out like an accordian.

What are your other interests outside of reading, do you blog about them or not?
Off to tackle mount tbr now before I go out for an Indian tonight.


Vivienne said...

I am amazed. I go away for one week and I come back and you have gone completely crafty! Your tags are superb. Your mini book is just fabulous. Will we now see you heading for the Big Stamp and Scrapbook show in Alexandra Palace. There is where us sad crafters merge together for a big spend up twice a year!

Paperback Reader said...

These are amazing! I love the bookmarks.

katrina said...

thanks. would love to have the money to spend at one of those places. There is a craft village about 10 miles outside Chelmsford so I'mm looking forwards to going there soon, and they do scrapping classes too

Valerie said...

Awesome! Both your work and what you do. I'm very into ATCs myself and try to post about them once in a while. Mine are more fiber-art related rather than paper, though.

Again, good work!!

Marg said...

Very nice. I need to sit down and get inspired to make some things!

Green Road said...

Those are beautiful! I'm into crafting too but my results are very much amateurish, especially compared to your creations. I'd be overjoyed if I was the one receiving them in the swap :)