Saturday, 27 December 2008

Sunday Salon

Well that's Christmas over for another year. I had a good, but very quiet one. Ate too much and received many presents. Book wise, I got 6 new books, as seen above. The one not pictured is called The Book of Words by Tim Glynne-Jones. I have read a few tales from The Beedle and the Bard (ok so far) and I'm 200 pages into American Gods (Fantastic so far).

I some how managed to go to my mums leaving my books (The Host and The Court in the Air) and my hair stuff behind, so as well as having flat hair for four days I had little to read till Christmas Day. I managed to find a book by an English Comedian, which I finished in a day other tha that I had The Lord of the Flies to read and plan lessons for - still loads more to go!

Now I have one week off, I have a stack of marking and planning to do, I also have a ton of studying on the langauge differences between Men and Women, with an essay to write at the end of it (I'm a good 2-3 months behind on my course so I need to majorly catch-up this month). Hopefully I will have my afternoons free to read and go out, and avoid the fact that I have to turn another year older. I also have one more challenge to finish by Wednesday - I've got to read The Host.


Eva said...

Hi! You expressed interest in my World Citizenship Challenge, so I just wanted to let you know the blog is up and running. :)

Nymeth said...

yay for American Gods. I also LOVE that anthology edited by Angela Carter. I'm glad you had a nice Christmas :)

Good luck with your studying! That's such an interesting topic. It was actually one of the possible research topics for my Sociolinguistics seminar, but I ended up going with language and ethnicity instead. I find both fascinating, though.

I'm going to avoid turning one year older soon too, so I know how you feel :P

Jessica H said...

I am reading Angela Carter's Nights at the Circus currently. I will have to check out her fairy tale collection!

I really enjoyed American GOds when I read it earlier this year.

gautami tripathy said...

American Gods is good but Neverwhere is better!

Last SS post of the year 2008

katrina said...

I loved Neverwhere when I read it earlier this year.

raidergirl3 said...

Nice haul, and so sorry about the hair!

Willl you get all that marking done? Gah, I brought home a stack of stuff to correct, and I too have some planning I could/should so, and yet I know I won't pick anything up til next Sunday, and then I will curse myself for leaving it too late to get it all done. I would feel so much better if I got some done before then. But, I have a dentist appointment today and that is enough misery for one day, so def. no correcting today.

Happy early birthday! Is it a number of some significance that is bothering you? Or just in general aging?

Are you going to inflict Lord of the Flies on some hapless students? I hated it in grade 10, but I certainly never would have read it or possibly understood it if not done in school.

katrina said...

I don't generally like birthdays, and being single, having rubbish mates who aren't around today isn't helping. Plus I always thought by 28 I should be settled down with kids and stuff - although I'm fairly glad I'm not as that would mess up my travelling plans.

I probably won't be marking till the weekend as I have so much studying to do.

Lord of the Flies is pretty much the book you have to teach top sets - everyone else gets the great Of Mice and Men - apparently this will stretch them. I read it a couple of years ago and wasn't too bothered by it, I need to do some research to figure out the religious allegory and I need to finish rereading it.

Beth F said...

Nice list of books! Happy birthday and don't worry about 28. In today's world, you're still too young to settle down!