Monday, 15 September 2008

Short Story September: The Bear Came Over the Mountain

A copy of this story can be found here.

This short story is about life living with a relative with Altzimer's Disease. Fiona, is gradually losing her memory, forgetting the the names of objects and places, her husbands decides it would be best for her to move into a home to recieve care. Fiona is very positive about the home she is going to, saying:
“I guess I’ll be dressed up all the time,” she said. “Or semi-dressed up. It’ll be sort of like in a hotel.”
For the first month he is not allowed to visit her, as a way to help her settle in, but in that month she loses her recollection of who he is. She has met another man to look after and care about.
The story shows Fiona's demise, but also the way it causes the husband to look back at his own life, particaurly the affairs that he has had in the past.
A moving story.

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