Thursday, 18 September 2008

Challenges I'm joining for 2009

This is very early to be joining challenges for 2009, but here goes. I'm joining Becky in 3 of her mini challenges for next year.
The rules are simply to read 2 books by the chosen author within 2009. Becky has chosen 4 authors for the mini challenges and I am partcipating in 3 of these.
My Choices:
Steinbeck = The Pearl & Grapes of Wrath
Defoe = Moll Flanders and ?
Scott Westerfeld = The Uglies and The Pretties.

Looking forward to seeing what ever other challenges are announced and announcing my own!

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Rhinoa said...

Cool I just signed up for the Scott Westerfeld one as well. I am looking forward to seeing what else comes along (will definitely be doing the Once Upon a Time Challenge if it is on again) and what you propose.