Tuesday, 20 March 2007

The Inheritance of Loss

Currently reading this for the Bookawards group.
I'm around 70 pages in and really enjoying it so far. The scenery and settings are perfectly depicted so the reader can really imagine them. My biggest problem is that I am yet to discover much about the characters.

22/03/07 Update:
Not getting a whole lot further with this book, something about it is bothering me and I kind of want to give up but I'm reading it for a book group so I will continue ploughing through it.
24/03/07 Update:
It's getting good again, only another hundred pages till it's finished. I think I lose interest when it gets too political.
24/03/07 (later in the day) Update: Finished this book off this evening. Such a strange book, at times I enjoyed it and in other places I hated then there were the moments I just wasn't bothered.

Synopsis: At the foot of Mount Kanchenjunga in the Himalayas, lives an embittered old judge who wants nothing more than to retire in peace. But with the arrival of his orphaned granddaughter, Sai, and his cook's son trying to stay a step ahead of US immigration services, this is far from easy. When a Nepalese insurgency threatens Sai's blossoming romance with her handsome tutor they are forced to consider their colliding interests. The judge must revisit his past, his own journey and his role in this grasping world of conflicting desires every moment holding out the possibility for hope or betrayal.

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Lisa said...

That cover is gorgeous! It's not the same as the one I have. I haven't started reading mine yet, hope I don't end up starting out behind. (did that even make sense?)

katrina said...

I started early because the next book I want to read is huge: A Fine Balance by Rohinoion Mistry